5 ways the KDAY sale can be tolerable


Hip-hop heads and westsiders poured a little liquor last week, when it was announced that KDAY (93.5 FM), aka the best radio station in Los Angeles, was bought out by a company looking to replace 90s g-funk, hourly Eazy-E, and the Westside Connect Gang with Mandarin-dialect programming. If that’s true, L.A. is losing, yet again, the namesake to the legendary station that helped propel rap music over 20 years ago, as well as unarguably the best weekend mixes on the FM dial.

There are only five ways the alleged KDAY sale will be tolerable.

  1. Mandarin DJs spinning nuthin’ but west coast gangsta rap.
  2. Fung Brothers named head of programming.
  3. In return, KAZN 1300 AM bought out by Greg Mack and the original Mixmasters.
  4. Nightly kung fu theater of English-dubbed 70s Shaolin films.
  5. LA Boyz.

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