About Culture Breach


Welcome to Culture Breach. Just imagine for a moment that we’ve infiltrated the system. And by system, we mean the oppressive, culture-baiting, race-disgracing, art-forsaking forces that continue to forcefeed us some Molotov cocktail of insipid identity politics and a hierarchy of taste that’s gone way past its expiration date. We’ve trespassed boundaries that didn’t need to be there in the first place. We delight in the narratives that employ fuzzy truths and fuzzier personalities. And we’re doing it without badges, labels, or classifications, because we exult in the belief that authority comes from the strength of our convictions and the acceptance of our inflections. Also, because we live to torture metaphors and brevity.

Of course, when all else fails, there will be podcasts. Which we promise will contain plenty of kvetching, unearned bravado, hand-wringing and memorable soundbites from people who are both unclassifiable and far classier than we could ever hope to be. Join us in the breach, where we transgress culture to transform it.

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