The Breach is Back

Gotta look fresh for the new year so we spruced up the look and are in the midst of bringing back the noise. We’ll slowly move over the old posts, starting with some CB favorites. Beyond that, we make no promises. Read more →

5 ways the KDAY sale can be tolerable

Hip-hop heads and westsiders poured a little liquor last week, when it was announced that KDAY (93.5 FM), aka the best radio station in Los Angeles, was bought out by a company looking to replace 90s g-funk, hourly Eazy-E, and the Westside Connect Gang with Mandarin-dialect programming. If that’s true, L.A. is losing, yet again, the namesake to the legendary… Read more →

YOMYOMF Channel: Week 1 recap

They called it the Bananapocalypse, which could refer to some kind of yellow-faced take-down of the internet-as-we-know-it, a changing of the (racial) guard, or perhaps the fact that Hollywood is willing to get their hands dirty playing in the same sandpit as the YouTubers. But having now seen every second of new YouTube channel YOMYOMF Week One, I think the… Read more →

Culture Breach Exclusive: Jeremy Lin blog summit

Editors’ note: In honor of America’s newest hardwood hero, Jeremy Lin, we thought it would be fun to host a WWA (Writers With Attitude) pow-wow to help us answer some of the stickier questions about hype, identity, and cultural representation. Joining our panel are Oliver Wang, sociology professor at Long Beach State and co-founder of poplicks; Jay Kang of Free… Read more →